Hello 2017- A Personal Post

Happy New Year! I couldn’t be more excited to be writing a new blog post in a brand new year! I’ve always loved the start to a new year. For me, it’s a time to write down my goals and dreams and most importantly, find ways to make it all happen. That’s why this year in particular is feeling extra special to me!  2016 brought some big changes towards the end of the year and today I’m so happy to share with y’all my biggest change…I moved to New Jersey! That’s right! This California native is uprooting for an adventure on the other coast and I know I have a lot of fun experiences in store for me! 


My love did play a big role with this decision, but I couldn’t be more excited for this adventure together and with Beyond the Barn. Finally getting to experience the four seasons has been pretty incredible so far. I’m used to the sunshine almost year round, which means that this past fall season was my first fall! Like… real fall, where the air was wonderfully crisp and the leaves created the most magnificent colors. If you’re from California, you know what I mean! Now the snow has arrived and it is pure magic. Watching the snow fall is such a peaceful thing and it’s something I rarely experienced in California so I know I won’t be taking it for granted!


Anyways, let me back up and tell you a little bit about this cross-country move! This plan all fell into place pretty quickly back in September and by October 7th I had a trailer loaded. Yes, it was quick, but opportunity was calling our name on the other coast, and we were up for the adventure! As soon as the last of our things was loaded onto the trailer, I was headed out to drive across the country with my Mother.

Road trips have always been a favorite of mine. Don’t you love getting to see different slices of life along the way? Having my Mama join me for the ride made leaving a bit easier and I’m so happy we made some fun memories along the way. We set out taking the southern route so we could stop and see some friends and sites along the way. Then, we headed up towards Ohio to visit with family and pick up my Nana. On day 5 we arrived to Nana’s and we were able to relax for a couple days. About a week later on October 16th we loaded up (Nana included) and set out for New Jersey! Let me tell you, having 3 generations in one car for 10 hours is pretty entertaining and I am so grateful for it all— the good, the bad, and the cranky all included!

When we arrived to my new home that evening I was over the moon excited! But to wake up that next morning and see the lake and all the fall colors, it was all a bit surreal for me. Fast forward to today and I’ve been here for almost 3 months now and each day I find more beauty about this place. 2017…I can feel that you are going to be a fun and prosperous year!  


Most of all I am so excited to bring Beyond the Barn Rentals to Northern Jersey! A big goal for me this year is to grow my little company into something much bigger. I hope to see my pretty tables and other rentals in all types of gorgeous events. Even more importantly, I hope to create long lasting friendships through this journey and through future collaborations! If you missed my last post featuring my Indiana Farm Table, you can check it out here! What are your goals for the new year? Any exciting adventures coming up? Leave a comment below!


If you’re a NJ local or have been in the area before I’d love to hear your favorite hangouts, flea markets, and good eats! Shoot me an email or reach out on social media! You can find me on Instagram @beyondthebarnrentals


Fall in Love: Styled Shoot with our Rustic Indiana Farm Table

Our styled shoot, Fall in Love, fused classic vintage pieces with modern table settings to create unforgettable looks. With an amazingly talented team of vendors (see end of post!) working together, I knew this shoot would be one for the books!

We headed outdoors to make use of a beautiful, local natural space we already had access to and thought—why not? Inspired by the warm colors of the fall season, this shoot sets the scene for a beautiful rustic autumn wedding or soiree that guests would be hard pressed to forget! Using our popular Indiana Farm Table, 6-foot bench, and rustic mismatched chairs, this styled shoot featured two different looks that offers endless possibilities.

Our first style was everything bold and beautiful! This style put a bold spin on classic fall colors with a black and gold place setting, embellished by vivid pops of red. Each plate was adorned with elegant calligraphy name cards that really tied together our whole color scheme. The calligraphy place cards added a whole other beautiful rustic element, completely taking my vision for this shoot to the next level! With this shoot, it was all about the detail and these cards didn’t fall short of that.

"We still wanted to have that nice balance of modern elegance with rustic chic..."

The bold centerpieces in this look boasted an array of flowers and succulents that really made this farm table pop! We still wanted to have that nice balance of modern elegance with rustic chic, so our floral arrangements were put into tin pails and glass goblets were placed at the head of every setting. Our amazing models really made our look come to life when I saw how the bold place settings and vintage table complimented a modern day couple— thanks Jessica and Sam! The contemporary styles complimented the vintage elements in the most charming way and all the pieces in this look truly tied together beautifully!

Just when I thought the first style was my favorite, this next look blew it out of the water! We took a detailed arrangement and dressed it down to something more simple that still fit the aesthetic of our Fall in Love shoot. We accentuated the natural beauty of the wood elements with cool tones for this second style that was a match made in heaven for a fall themed wedding.

Switching to a gorgeous wedding gown dripping with lace details, Jessica completely changed the mood and made our styled shoot come to life! For this tablescape, we used a floral arrangement as a table runner that ran the length of our 8-foot Indiana Farm Table. The vivid peach colors from the roses complimented the place settings beautifully.

"...I couldn’t help but smile at how versatile our Farm Table truly is and seems to fit every occasion!"

Wooden chargers were placed at each setting to create a relaxed, farm-to-table vibe. I loved the idea of incorporating other local artisans and their pieces into my shoots! These chargers are from Coopers Attic who truly came through with pieces that fit this rustic autumn look we were going for. To compliment the timeless look of the lace wedding dress, we added antique plates to each setting that tied everything together!

We ended our day shooting as many pictures as we could before the setting sun disappeared. When Jessica and Sam sat at the table together, I couldn’t help but smile at how versatile our Farm Table truly is and seems to fit every occasion! From a Friendsgiving to a rustic themed wedding, to a bold soiree, our vintage pieces will truly make you fall in love

Interested in renting our Indiana Farm Table, rustic mismatched chairs, or the beautiful 6-foot bench? Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@beyondthebarnrentals.com  or visit the contact us page!

Email me at hello@beyondthebarnrentals.com for more info on renting these rustic pieces!


A Big Thanks to our Amazing Vendors:

·      Photographer: Jena Liebig from Pretty Little Pictures

·      Models: Jessica Fox and Sam Kantor

·      Hair and makeup: Maegan Rios

·      Wooden Chargers, White “Aged Chippy Door”: Cooper’s Attic Rustic & Vintage Rentals

·      Calligraphy Name Cards: Laney Clevenger Calligraphy

·      Gold Chargers and Mustard Goblets: World Market